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First of all a big thanks to SKIO Music and Nick Elliot for hosting this competition and giving me this wonderful opportunity to remix this track. I've really fallen in love with the song. It's a masterpiece and the lyrics really touched my heart.

I haven't much experience in these since it's my first time remixing. Yes, this is my first remix! Of course, to be honest, I'm not really expecting much. I just wanted to participate to gain more experience in remixing. And there are too many breathtaking remixes out there. I don't really stand a chance, do I? However, if you, by chance, have stumbled upon my piece of work, please do consider pressing that play button and feel free to leave feedbacks or opinions so I may improve.

I hope you guys enjoy my (newbie) remix and wish y'all a good day! All I want is to know that I'll be alright ;)

Posted 2 months ago
Owned by Nick Elliott


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NINE 2 months ago

Nice One Bro! hope you like mine! https://skiomusic.com/nine6971/189095b9-2f0f-4634-871c-42f68c0b0209

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Rookie 1 month ago

Thanks dude! But thb your's is wayy better haha ;D

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