SKIO Music is a digital licensing and collaboration platform for the music industry.

Our curated community of artists and labels have access to direct licensing deals with secure instant payments, remix contests and opportunities to be officially released on labels, as well as connection directly to the Pros.

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We provide tools to monetize catalogues, streamline workflows, and reduce legal costs by removing the legal and administrative bottleneck in today's digital music landscape.

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We're passionate about supporting the SKIO community and highlighting talented creators. Connect directly to remix their work, or show off your own music and collaborate. Discover more tracks, or submit your own original work to our A&R department for the opportunity to be featured here.

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Access high quality content from record label partners and get the rights to remix directly from the copyright owner. Never worry about takedowns again.

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"SKIO is a great tool to build new fans around the globe. Gang Signs collected hundreds of new remixes and assets, plus the experience single-handedly bumped up our Soundcloud plays by 20k."

Eli Wener
Talent Manager at The Hoax Artist Management & Gang Signs Manager

"SKIO feels like the next big thing in the music industry since Spotify."

Jael Steinberg
Senior PR Manager at Sony Music Sweden

"SKIO in itself has the ability to be the all-around platform that both artists and labels have been looking for, for about a decade now. Truly exciting times!"

Jimmy Freer
Founder of Audiophile Records

"SKIO Music is simplifying a complex process so anyone that makes their own music, can also make their own deals."

Jordan "DJ Swivel” Young
Producer/engineer for Beyonce, Jay-Z, Kanye West

"I've searched for this and there is nothing like it on the market. It will be part of every musician's toolkit."

Dan Ostrovsky

"SKIO allows for the networking of producers with other talented producers who have been sorted out by SKIO's A&R (which saves a lot of work) AND with established industry professionals who are on SKIO specifically to find talented producers."

Sylver and Zeus

Improve your networking, digital licensing, collaboration, and talent discovery workflows with SKIO Music.