SKIO is a marketplace for people to create new songs together and remix songs they love

“SKIO Music is paving the way for version 2.0 of the music business.”

Jay Sean, Sony UK
SKIO Pro Artist

“SKIO is a great tool to build new fans around the globe, plus the experience bumped up our SoundCloud plays by 20k!”

Eli Wener
Talent Manager, Hoax Management

“SKIO feels like the next big thing in the music industry since Spotify.”

Jael Steinberg
Senior PR Manager, Sony Music Sweden

“SKIO is the all-around platform that both artists and labels have been looking for. Truly exciting times!”

Jimmy Freer
Co-Founder, Audiophile Records

“Selling tracks on SKIO is quick and easy – from uploading and sorting out the legalities to getting feedback and receiving great remixes.”

Unkle Ricky
SKIO Rising Artist

For Artists

Remix, collaborate, get feedback, and get discovered.

For Content Owners

Grow your catalogue, find talent, and build your brand.

Get Discovered with Remix Contests

Remix ill.Gates and take home over $16,000 in prizes from Plugin Alliance, SUBPAC, iZotope, KMI, Warp Academy, Mr. Bill’s Tunes, Tom Cosm, Producer DoJo, LANDR and more!

Get Professional Feedback

Take your music to the next level with the support of SKIO’s community.