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(hi I'm Rookie cuz I AM a rookie)

First of all, a big thank you to SKIO Music and ARIA for hosting this remix contest! This is my first time remixing a rap, so it's a bit challenging for me, but still, I am a HUGE fan of rap!

Third remix, so yep I'm a rookie. I've used stock plugins from FL Studio cuz something happened to my laptop and my dad deleted all my third-party plugins to save memory (ugh ikr) :(

I have been kinda reckless too, finishing this remix in three hours when I usually take three weeks to finish one not-so-decent remix.

If you are reading this description, fate has bought you to my remix, so don't leave without pressing that play button there! Ooh and a like and maybe a comment would be nice and appretiated. Like I said, still a rookie, I need plenty of feedback from y'all! I don't care if it's good or bad, I just need other people's opinion, so please please please leave a comment.

SPOILER: it's NOT good but still, I'm improving (I hope). But I am sincerely sorry if I made your ear bleed or something with my bad music XD

Alright, it's midnight here already so good night and wish you a better tomorrow! ;)

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