Grow your catalogue, find talent, and build your brand.

A New Way To Promote Your Music

Grow your Catalogue

Keep 100% ownership of all remixes, and grow your monetizable music library.

Discover New Talent

Understand the whole picture with valuable trend data on the artists remixing your music.

Boost your Fanbase

Reach more fans and build your brand with creators by tapping into new styles and genres.

“Anyone that makes their own music, can also make their own deals on SKIO.”

DJ Swivel
Grammy Award-winning music producer, mixer, and audio engineer

Why use SKIO?

Get Paid Upfront

Open new revenues and set your own fees for each remix made from your content.

Protect your Copyright

As the content owner you retain ownership of all remixes by default, or customize your remix agreements with a few simple steps.

Know your Fans

Track and engage your fans. Learn who they are and who is growing the fastest across social platforms.

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Make Remixing Work For You


Upload and Set Remix Terms

Upload your track master and stems, set your contract terms and leave the rest to SKIO’s community of artists.


Simplify your Business and Legal

Automated legal contracts create a license for every purchase, and revenues are deposited into your SKIO account.


Monetize Your Music

Find completed remixes in your inbox. Like what you hear? Stream it, sell it, add it to your catalogue hassle-free.

For Artists

Remix, collaborate, get feedback, and get discovered.

Where Remixes Are Made

Remix songs you love in the SKIO Marketplace