i'm Ray, or Fluorescence, the name is up in the air.
since you stumbled onto my page, i've been producing for a few years, and mostly write edm/r&b/hiphop/pop.
I am a content creator for Storyblocks Audio, and Top Mix, and do freelance work on the side. Feel free to shoot me a message if you are in need of original music!

comments about ray's skio:
"tries too hard to make his page quirky and unique"
"his music is mediocre at best"
"i heard he hires a ghost producer to write tracks for him"


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Here was a submission i did for one of Sony's contests, nothing came of it, but I got to make something dope for the process. Prepare to melt your face off, also, unreleased material ;)

My buddy BSTROK laid some dope bars down for me on this track, Bird. Heavy mac miller influence, RIP his soul.

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