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Music has the power to change your mood, help you get through tough times and can make you realise that you’re not alone with the way that you feel. Music speaks to us. I am Bree McGirl, I’m 16 and I am a singer/songwriter. (I consider myself to have a unique voice - when I was younger I used to absolutely hate it because it was so different to everyone else’s but I’ve learnt to embrace that and I know how to make it work with my songs) Many of my songs focus on mental heath, self-positivity, relationships and some of own experiences. Writing songs and then singing/playing them on guitar helps me relax and clear my mind but I’d love to be able to put some of my music out there and show other people the important things that I have to say. I want my music to make people feel something. Unfortunately I’m not good at the technical side of things! I really need someone to help me produce my music! If you are looking for someone to work with please email me at I’d love to show u some of my projects and hopefully work together!

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