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Los Angeles, United States

Deep House, Future Pop, House, Pop

Producer, DJ, Songwriter

Danny Avery also known as Brayv is an international Electronic Music Producer & DJ originating from Madrid, Spain with Californian roots. While this biography could be used to describe his accomplishments of shows in Europe/US, studying Sound Engineering in Southampton (UK) and Music Production at the world-renowned ICON Collective (Los Angeles) this project is actually about you. You see Brayv at one point was not so brave. He had limiting beliefs and comfort zones like millions of others that stopped him from becoming the best version of himself and releasing music. That is why after years of perfecting his musical craft and studying personal development he realized that now more than ever was the time to show his true sound and colors! Join Brayv’s journey as he strives to deliver the most eclectic dance music imaginable to share with you a story that will inspire yours as well ✌️ | BeBrayv | BeBetter | BeYou | Contact:

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