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Boy trill

bergen, Norway


Producer, Musician

Hi everyone! Im Boy trill, a producer/musician based in Norway/bergen. Ive been grinding the music eversince i fell inlove in the production side one sunny day 7 years ago. It was weird, i was driving home from work one day, listening to this random song i stumbled across on soundcloud. But the genre, i just couldnt recognise, but it was beautiful, the sun was shining, it was warm outside, and i was listening to this song, while looking up into the clear skies and said to myself " Im going to learn how to make this music!" I rushed back home and started studying all kinds of youtube tutorials on how to make music in a daw, and i just never stopped. Never been more consistent with anything in my life, other than this, Never got bored of it, like all the other things ive done before, and i just knew after this day, this is my calling, this is what im going to do with my life. So yeah, here we are, still grinding, but most importantly, still doing what i love, making music!

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- Engagement