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Bounce Bro

Tettnang, Germany

Mental Madness Records / Kontor New Media

EDM/Dance, Electro House, House


Since 2004 Bounce Bro is working on electronic dance sounds, previously he worked as a songwriter for several bands from the Lake of Constance region and played the electric guitar, electric bass and drums himself. Even as a MC, Bounce Bro aka "MEiKiE" had success. For an example his departure as an MC in public "Dreh Das Mic Auf" , which he recorded together with "Silvio De Cock" was over 5 months in the Top 10 of the local listener voting airplay charts of ths SWR - DasDing Netzparade charts. Since 2006 Bounce Bro is one of the three main producers of the Seaside Clubbers and is a part of the Seaside Entertainment Edition / ROBA Music Publishing. With his remixes for the releases of the Seaside Clubbers Bounce Bro made ​​his first steps towards the dance charts. Bounce Bros' sound is a combination of driving bass, catchy melody passages and super smooth vocals that moves through the whole spectrum of EDM (Electronic Dance Music ) . His first own release came along 2012 on the Hamburg-based label Mental Madness Records. He worked with Jonny Rose, Gemma B., VergiLuv Vuk Lazar , Jai Matt, Nicco , Seaside Clubbers and many other artists. The tracks , as well as the remixes was on various compilations such as "Tunnel Trance Force", "DJ Networx" or "Technobase.FM - We Are One" and many more. In the past years Bounce Bros releases has reached several possitions in Charts like "Swiss Dance Charts" Top 5, "Dance50" Top 10 or the "Austrian Dance Charts" Top 20. In 2014 Bounce Bro had his first #1 track called "My Life" together with singer & songwriter Destiny on the WDC50. Release-History: 2010 - Halli Galli Anpfiff (Mainz Vor!) (Seaside Clubbers) 2012 - Come Dance With Me (VergiLuv VS Bounce Bro & Van Snyder) 2012 - Lonely Nights (VergiLuv VS Bounce Bro) 2012 - Bittersweet (Bounce Bro feat. Vuk Lazar) 2012 - Sky (UDC & Bounce Bro feat. D.D.M.L.) 2012 - Abriss Volksmusik (Album) (Seaside Clubbers) [Track 09 - Feel The Rhythm] 2013 - Make Me Feel (Bounce Bro feat. VeriLuv) 2013 - El Final (WillYam feat. Danny-D & Bounce Bro) 2013 - Starlit Sky (Bounce Bro feat. Zorro Blakk) 2013 - L.G.F.U. (Bounce Bro feat. Danny-D) 2014 - Find The Love (Bounce Bro feat. Madam Tone & Danny-D) 2014 - My Life (Bounce Bro feat. Destiny) 2014 - Nur Einmal Jung (Bounce Bro & Ariella) 2015 - Weekend Lover (Bounce Bro VS Project Marane) 2015 - Summerlove (Bounce Bro & Gemma B.) 2016 - Fire (Bounce Bro & Vuk Lazar) 2016 - Days Like This (Bounce Bro & Patrick Foster & Gemma B.) 2017 - Call Out For You (Bounce Bro & Jonny Rose) Remix-History: 2008 - Strip Für Mich (Sido mit Kitty Kat) (inoffizieller Remix, der mit auf dem "East To West" Mixtape war) 2010 - Pump! (Seaside Clubbers) 2010 - Disco Pogo (Ricky Rich ft. Disco Pogo) 2010 - Halli Galli (Seaside Clubbers) 2010 - Zeigt Mir 10 (Explode 3) (Darius & Finaly & Shaun Baker) [Seaside Cubber Edit] 2012 - Ich Fang Dir Den Mond 2012 (Seaside Clubbers feat. Andreas Martin) 2012 - On The Dancefloor (Handsup Playerz & Just!One) 2012 - You And Me (Morris Jones) 2013 - I Turn To You (Morris Jones) 2013 - Halfway Around The World (Comeea & DJ Restlezz) 2013 - Nicht Vergessen (Seaside Clubbers) 2014 - (This Monday) Feels Like Weekend (Morris Jones) 2014 - Himmel Auf Erden (Jo Morsi) 2014 - Love Me Loud (Morris Jones) 2015 - Dance Into The Night (Phil Voltage) 2015 - Touch The Stars (RaveBass) 2017 - L´amour Toujours (Scotty pres. Robin Gravis) 2017 - Get-A-Way (reloaded) (MaxX)

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