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Kev Katchi x Badfngr


Kev Katchi X Badfngr It would be fair to say that some of the greatest dance acts in history have come in pairs, and while the super-charged, ex 'Homebass DJs' may not use blistering pyrotechnics or an explosive fireworks display to end their set, they will definitely leave an audience in shock. It’s not uncommon to see the duo bouncing about behind the decks to a soundtrack of slamming Electro, jacking Moombahton, deep House and groove-laden Afrobeat. Describing the pair as ‘uncontainable’ would be somewhat of an understatement; however this by no means indicates a lax or unconsidered approach to DJ’ing. They take their job very seriously, and as one great entity of the clubbing community paraphrased, “the work is in the preparation, the fun is in playing out”. In the space of three years, Kev and Badfinger have formed an enviable reputation on the local scene, having been residents at both the Sub Club and Arches, while playing alongside the likes of Stephan Bodzin, Oliver Huntemann, Botnek & Ado. Once promoting flagship night Jakebeats at Club 520, they’ve had the pleasure of welcoming one of Scotland’s biggest soundsystem’s to Glasgow in the form of Electrikal, as well as instigating and supporting a unique back to back session between Hey Today! and Bart B More. And it’s with a similar set up that the pair are in their element. Overflowing with energy while being careful to maintain technical perfection, you’ll witness the duo tear through tunes at an impressive but measured pace, allowing the dancefloor to sweat, breathe and bounce all at once. In their own words, “we mix beats, we play parties, we drink tea” - you can’t ask for anymore than that. Words by Synth

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