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Austin, United States

Visit: @HypeOffLife Blog submission link below (HipHop/Rap/R&B) ********************** For SoundCloud support (Any Genre): 1. Follow @sausedamusic and this page! 2. Listen to a few of the tracks from @sausedamusic and support by either liking, reposting and/or commenting. If you don't enjoy the music then message me here telling me it's not your cup of tea. I will still support your music! 3. Support the artists on the this page by either liking, reposting, and/or commenting. 4. Message me however many tracks you want and i'll listen and schedule your support. Once you have done this, you will always have future support, no strings attached. Network: @don-ray-ramos @artistssupport2 @switchbladeremy @support1 @support2 @moiifexx @moiifexxrepost @djcastdt @freerepostsfpfp @yingyangsupport @janskyofficialreposts @spawnrepost @repostindie @rockindiepunk @timepassion @werepostyourtracksforfree Beat Makers:

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