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woonsocket, United States


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Played in bands for years, run a local recording studio for my music and selected local artists. I started in the recording industry recording demos for my band. I started with Sonar but soon transitioned to my first Avid product Pro Tools LE system. I was amazed with the quality of this product and started studying recording, mixing and mastering. Impressed Pro Tools I took advantage of a upgrade offer from Avid to upgraded to a Pro Tools HD system. I spent the next two years researching hardware and software products to enhance my system. I made it a point to only purchase items that were used on several hit records (a complete list of my software and hardware is available upon request). I spent the next several years studying recording, mixing and mastering gathering a substantial library of video tutorials and books spending thousands of hours studying and practicing toward my goal of recording and mixing a hit record. I have skills that lend well for work in Pop, Country, Rock, Blues and Jazz. I am looking to work with people who love what they do and promise to only take on project that excite me and never to take on project solely for financial gain. I will work very hard to help achieve the goals of producing the very best music possible. Please contact me regarding your project. Sincerely Arnie Larsen.

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