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Aegis Armory

Salt Lake City, United States

EDM/Dance, Future Bass, Trap


Hi my name is Ben. I started my producing journey about 8 months ago and I've learned so much since then. I've always wanted to get into music production but only ever fooled around with magix music maker. While that was fun I wanted to have more control over everything so I decided on FL Studio and bought the producer edition. I love FL's slick interface and the ease of workflow creating patterns and dropping them into the playlist. The next purchase I made was Serum, that's where pretty much all of my synth sounds come from. Of course I had to cop some good drum samples so I have a pretty extensive library of one shots but I mostly just use VR samples, he's so good! It's been such a blast these past few months but I still have much to learn. I'm currently working on an album that I will finish in the next couple months. I just need make it as good as I possibly can and then I'm excited to share it with the world. Demos of my work can also be found on I'm also excited to do the chopped up challenge, I will be entering every week and hopefully at least a few people will listen!

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