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Aquila Blue

Tilburg, Netherlands

Dance Pop, Future Pop, Pop, Tropical

Producer, Songwriter, Musician, DJ

hello everyone, my name is Aquila Blue (real name 'Arend de Vrij') I'm a 20 year old producer based in the Netherlands. My dream is to travel the world and make music everyday with all kind of artists. I'm not signed to a record label but I hope one day I will. My style is a mix between (dance)pop, tropical house and a little bit of synth wave. Well actually I just like to make stuff what ever feels right at the time :). I play the guitar for almost 4 years now and I produce now for over 1,5 year. The DAW I use is Logic Pro X. I have used FL Studio in the beginning but I like how much faster Logic Pro X is. I'm open to learn everyday and I would like to collaborate. You can contact me anytime: instagram ---> facebook ---> email ---> I would love to hear from you!!!

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