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Johannesburg, South Africa


Hip Hop

Musician, Label Manager, Artist Manager, Songwriter

Born in the Eastern Cape of South Africa in a Small Town Called Bizana, Ngokwenene Hlongwane also known as Geeloum got influenced with music from a young age. And not in the popular “my mom was a singer” way but his mother loved music and was always playing a gospel record at home on a daily basis and that may have been one of the triggers that pushed him to pursue music. The first time he wrote a song was in grade 9 when he started fooling around with studio equipment and rap battling with his school mates. One of the major Artists that influenced Geeloum is the Holygroove American rapper Lil Wayne. He started rapping because of the Artist’s impact in the Hip Hop Industry Worldwide and his life. as it was an amazing era to witness and he says he could just relate to most of what the artist was making music about back then except for the Money Drugs and Women ofcause. After Releasing his debut single 21BOSS, Geeloum has been working with other upcoming talents that he met since he arrived in Johannesburg in 2016 and has recorded music with the likes of Krazie Mac,TYC Beats, Auzzy A and Many more others. Also, Geeloum has been doing Shows around Johannesburg and outside Johannesburg. Following Geeloum is the best way to know where he will be performing. His fanbase has been growing a lot since the release if his debut EP Hold On which has been making waves online and in the streets of Johannesburg. Also after the project he has been featured on a smash record Slaps by TYC Beats which has been getting a lot of good feedback from local radio stations like Evogue radio has playlisted the song and the people are loving it. Geeloum is currently working on a project which he will put out on all Digital music stores for the small crowd he has and the new people who are still to discover the young talented musician. You can follow Geeloum @geeloum on all social media.

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