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2oo 2all

Vancouver, Canada

Foreign Familia Records - A&R

Deep House, Gangsta Rap, Hip Hop, Rap, Trap

Musician, Label Manager, Songwriter, Record Label

2oo 2all is a Van City born & raised artist straight up from downtown. CEO of Foreign Familia Records, the team standing behind him is stronger then ever & ready to overcome any obstacle or challenge! Inspired mainly by Texas, Florida, Memphis, & Atlanta underground movements. 2oo 2all is motivated to push his team to the top, similar to how these other movements mentioned did. Vancouver has no major Rap artists or any globally established Hip Hop media coverage, it's been proven to be a greater challenge to kick this door down which just makes it more of an exciting challenge! Coming from humble backgrounds, 2oo 2all was supposed to be born in the slums of Ukraine but was given a chance in Canada. Growing up with a single mother from a young age enables this young artist to understand the struggle & to give an organic motivational vibe through his music. Main goals are to motivate the younger generation towards overcoming life, also establish Vancouver music globally!

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