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Future Bass, Pop


2Majik's musical journey began many years ago, growing up listening to music from all sorts of genres such as Pop, RnB, Rap, and Classical. It was these musical genres that sparked the interest in music, along with a deep background and fondness for gaming and video game music, as well, helping to shape his own style. During his high school years, 2Majik, whose name itself pays homage to Dungeons & Dragons, became a huge fan of EDM from listening to such artists as Armin van Buuren, ATB, and Above & Beyond, so much so that he began forming musical ideas in his head which he needed to get out into the world, leading to the purchase of his first bit of musical production gear. From the first few notes played on his synthesizer, the ideas continued to flow, turning this love of electronic music into a passionate obsession to create great music for the world to enjoy. A driving passion that ceases to slow down for him. With the desire to create wonderful, original music heavily influenced by the world around him, 2Majik continues to work hard everyday, improving his skills, sounds, and self, wanting only to make the world a little bit better through music.

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