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2 Stereo

Ciudad Bolívar, Venezuela

Electro, Pop

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2 Stereo is a pop music duo formed by musicians and producers Juan Carlos Alarcón and Víctor Utrera. At the beginning of the group's career, both were influenced by pop music of the 90's. They were originally in a band called Punh, which disbanded after a short period of time, and both began experimenting and composing music on their own. The duo became 2 Stereo, and released their thematic album "Atmosfera Letal" in March of 2017. Juan Carlos Alarcón and Víctor Utrera met in Ciudad Bolivar, Venezuela. The two made good friends and decided in 2011 to start a band called Punch in the company of some musician friends, they recorded together an original composition called "Pensándote", but it was never Launched. Shortly after Juan Carlos and Víctor formed 2 Stereo. Both did not have a definite musical style, but the two had a very similar musical taste. Their shared admiration for popular pop and rock bands led to the founding of their own independent project.

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