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Verse G.O.A.T

Port Elizabeth, South Africa


Bass, Future Bass, Hip Hop, Rap, Singer-Songwriter

Musician, Songwriter, Vocalist

A BRIEF BACKGROUND Well i haven't been doing the music thing for long, started at 16 years old & I'm 19 now so it's basically my third year into it. I'm not signed to any record label or a contract with a publishing company yet, so I am fully independent. PRODUCTION Most of the beats I use are made by a producer & rapper friend of mine, @thelynxmack on Instagram. Me and him work very closely together on the production of my beats as well as the mixing and mastering of my records. Everything is made in studio from scratch - from the beat down to laying the vocals & mixing/mastering them to get a finished record. Every song of mine is made to induce & trigger a specific emotion & mood into the people who listen, I have ALOT of mindblowing ideas. My MAIN focus & vision is not only making nice music, it's making anthems - very VIBRANT & CATCHY, but still CONCEPTUAL songs. MARKETING & PROMO I have TONS of songs - but I've been holding on to the ones I think might be THE ONES, simply because I don't want them to fall on deaf ears. Ever since i started putting music out, getting an audience has been the toughest hurdle - the music is great quality - but i just don't have a PROPER audience yet. Til now I've been solely dependent on organic promo, I've also used some free instrumentals on YouTube before to promote myself. I'd like to consider my sound as brand new & fresh, and with the right management & marketing I KNOW alot of people would hop on the bandwagon once they hit that play button for the first time ! The confidence & faith i have in my work, my talent & my potential is beyond comprehension, way way beyond.

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