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Away is a song I’ve had in my library for, something
that feels like a lifespan. It is a song about wanting
to be something else than what you are on the inside.
It’s not another love song, rather the two personalities I
had at the certain time of my life. The sad soul, wandering in a happy body. I remember how, writing this song, was one of the most peaceful times I had in a very long time. I was lying in my bed, and I couldn’t sleep, so I stood up, grabbed a cigarette (I was smoking during the time), and decided to go outside and enjoy the night sky. I kept
seeing this weird silhouette in my mind, of two souls –
a white and a black one – dancing in the rainy weather. As If something was telling me my emotions were in conflict. The “usual” happy emotion was depressed, and the typical sad emotion was emotionless. It inspired me deeply inside, really got me in the mood for writing.
I was dreaming of becoming the true “Me”

Posted 5 months ago
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