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Started in the year of 2007 , mainly influcenced by hard style and hardcore. He began to produce with a simple demo of fruity loops and his laptop. After a few years of widening his spectrum on new genres all related to the Edm industry, he sought out to sacrifice time and money into this passion. With lots of genres and shows under his belt he still persues to play shows in his hometown , also featured at Awakening Music Festival , as Well Grande Prairie. Now with some time past and knowledge learnt, production has been focused on future and Heavy bass, and some Dubstep as well. With his sets ranging from Bass House to Future Dubstep And Trap you can expect to get low and feel the bass shake your legs to a whole new level. Born and raised in the boonies of Fort St John , Canada his passion to explore new genres and sounds continue with the help of all of you !


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Im What Whillis Was Talkin' Bout