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Broccoli Express is my EP's first single that talks about how I see life, and how I think that you should not give a fuck about what people is gonna say or think about you. You should always be humble and look for your success at all costs.
The song comes in with a message advising about all the benefits of eating broccoli and the hook, then it has two verses, following by one more hook before I go crazy and jump on my trumpet to perform a crazy solo at the end.
I am confident that this is a new way of making music, and a new way of hip hop that has never been seen nor heard in my country. I really love it, I feel very proud of the result and it touches me everytime I hear it, even though I know it is my song.
I started sampling on FL Studio, and one day I found this "cha cha cha" sample and I fell in love with it and little by little over my influence on a spanish artist called craneo this really nice bouncy beat came up. I can say that I made the whole track and then my record label helped to record vocals and mix it and master it later on. I thought that by adding the finale like that would take the production to a whole new level, sometin never heard before like.
It is my first song and even though the lyrics are quite simple I think it delivers the message and also makes the people move along the beat.

Posted 10 months ago
Owned by Young Forever


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Varad Mulay 10 months ago

Here is my Support and Good luck for your contest! Would you consider listening to my track "Euphoria" and "like" it if you find it nice? And maybe some comments too! Thank you!


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