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In the world we live in, we are separated by beliefs, ideas, goals and journey. It’s a jungle and if you fake then you don’t know yourself. “Speaking Facts” is a song where the artist YJ expresses his perspective of how it is to survives. Without trust there is betrayals and heart breaks. If only people could relax and see that all we need is trust. “oh lord let them see, oh lord let them be”. We must aim high and get with the get down, work hard and sometimes we make sacrifices. People switch lanes in the process and that’s just the way of the jungle. All about the music and hard grind on a regular. Loyal to some but they take kindness for weakness “after 50 shows, Anita you let me go”. Anita was a girl that was there at the start but after a little fame and popularity, she switched lanes and stabbed her partner in the back. In this world we live in, you need to know yourself before you can be yourself.

Posted 1 year ago
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