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Switchfoot has a cool story behind the song Float. They write, "So let “Float” be a song of encouragement, to reach higher far above the patterns of this world. I’d like to dedicate this song not just to Jeremy, but to all the freedom fighters out there. To the doctors, the dreamers, the champions of community, the hopeful, the discouraged, let this be a song that reminds you to stay on course. Don’t slow down! Stay unique! Don’t give up! Resist the urge to become cynical and apathetic! Keep on loving, keep on hoping, and stay faithful to the purpose for which you were created." - my remix is a chilled out version with a little bit of get-up-and-move, similar to my personality. I hope it carries the heart behind this song well. Enjoy.

Posted 2 years ago
Owned by Vanguard Records



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