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About this Song

This song is the feeling of being tired of always chasing unattainable desires and then not feeling satisfied with whatever you gained in the process.

[Verse 1]
Hands upon my knees,
And I’m begging you to please set me free.
Cause, whatever we had is now debris,
And what you wanted is ain’t what I need now.

I can write it on sheets
That the world is not on side with me,
And now I think, “what I know?”
Cause I should but I cannot let you go.

I’m in this condition how?
All I’m tryna do is have endless elations now,
But I might need some healing ow. (oh yeah babe)
I don’t wanna plead,
Maybe I’m just living in a dream
I should go.

You’re Smiling and you’re glowing,
I’m losing all my focus.
Baby don’t you notice,
All I wanna know is,
What is it like to be loved?

[post-chorus] – Voice Note
I personally think that you are only able to love someone if you have spent a lot of time with them.
People can hide what they’re really like for quite a while.
I believe the difference between love and infatuation is time.

I’m counting my positions
Rethinking my decisions,
Call out to my gods,
I’m looking for self sufficience.

I’m standing here all by myself
Doing my best, yeah I’m talking less.
Not tryna say something to offend… you, baby.

Hands upon my knees,
And I’m begging you to please set me free,
But when I think about it I don’t wanna leave
Cuz when I’m with you babe, I feel more complete. Oh,

Don’t you question me please,
Cuz these questions feel a little too bleak.
I may not be a friend, I too have some needs
But it doesn’t mean I’m fake or I’m clean.

I’ve been holding on, to know one thing
What is it like to be loved?

Posted 11 months ago
Owned by Yash Bansal


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subtoll 1 year ago


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Yash Bansal 10 months ago

Thank you so much!

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Zendt 1 year ago

Solid Drop Bro!! 🔥

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Yash Bansal 1 year ago

Thank you very much mate! been working on this for a LONG time hahaha.

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