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Xen aka. Ryan Pattison

Darwin, Australia


Xen aka. Ryan Pattison has no description.

About Xen aka. Ryan Pattison

Guy who started young with music production. I like to listen to and produce chill, energizing and abstract music.

I started production at 14 years old and I have been progressing through different styles overtime.
I am not fixated to one genre of music but have a high interest in:

Drum and Bass
- Neurofunk
- Halfstep
- Liquid

- Electro House
- Progressive House

- Moombahton
- Melodic



Showcase tracks

Chillout hybrid MidTempo track, melodic and had a lot of thought put into it. Please leave a like/comment if you enjoy.

Chillout, good-vibe MidTempo track. Made during procrastination and work hours. Please leave a like/comment if you enjoy.

Melodic, energizing pump house, just to set the vibe for the party! Please leave a like/comment if you enjoy.

One of my more recent tracks. As you can see there is a noticeable improvement on quality and mastering. Keep in mind this track focused more on quality than complexity of production, so it is a relatively simple track.