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Salt Lake City, Utah, United States


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Xauric is a Producer and Performer based out of Salt Lake City in Utah who also refers to himself in the third person. What a jerk.

Hey, I'm Xauric! You can call me Xander if you'd like. I've been making music for about 8 years now, under several monikers and genres. My biggest one so far is the electronic genres, primarily Electro House and Drum and Bass.

I started making music at about the age of 13, wanting to emulate the music I heard in games such as Super Smash Bros Melee, Metroid Prime, and more, starting with just messing around with Garage Band, before moving onto actual garage bands, playing guitar, bass, and drums. However, after discovering Daft Punk's Human After All album, and subsequently their Alive 2007 album, I made the change to electronic music, producing electro house, glitch hop, drum and bass, ambient, and more.

Since then, I've remixed artists such as Lindsey Stirling and The Hush Sound, and do video game soundtracks on the side, my biggest release being my remix of the Tetris theme song for EA's Tetris Blitz. My music and performance methods are greatly inspired by video game music and culture. My current weapon of choice for production is Ableton Live 9, with Kontakt and Massive as different synth choices for production. For performance, I use two Novation Launchpads, an Akai APC40, a Logitech Extreme 3D Pro Joystick, a MIDI Fighter 3D, and a Wii Remote to top it all off. I currently perform every year at Anime Banzai in Salt Lake City in Utah, and am always looking to learn new things and meet new people! So if you ever happen to see me, come say hi!

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