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WiseCadence, humble and kind record producer, songwriter, is also a creative designer, DTP and entrepreneur. He’s a busy bee with a creative sting behind the scene. When he's not creating music, he's designing or working.

Sivuyile Wiseman Lehoko, known as WiseCadence, hails from a small town called Mount Fletcher in the Eastern Cape. He moved to Cape Town in the early 90's, and was there when songwriting and live performance was on trend with the South African youth. He says, "It was an exciting music revolution era in South Africa, where youth participated in Rap/R&B/Kwaito music and home-brewed Sarafina Dance. I also remember writing lyrics from existing recordings while listening a song playing on a cassette. I think it's where my music interest started."
In 2012, WiseCadence started to expand his knowledge and interest in the music industry. He studied Advanced Music Production and Theory at the Soul Candi Institute of Music. He was taken under the wings of music director Ryan Murgatroyd, well known as one of the musicians in the band called Crazy White Boy. WiseCadence was, for the first time, introduced to working with music software and mixing musical notes in key. His technical music skills were brewed by lecturers such as Mike Kelly and stand-by lecturers Blanka and Will Pziezzo - Electric and Mastering Engineer lecturer, part time.
After his graduation at Soul Candi Institute of Music, WiseCadence went along the independent learning curve, where he started to get more into the music industry in detail, and wrote his own lyrics, thereby advancing his knowledge in music theory, beyond what he had learnt during his studies. This is what separates the men from the boys in any entertainment industry. He says "Educating yourself is vitally important because only you can complete yourself after being hand held". WiseCadence went yet another extra mile by learning vocal coaching skills and applying these techniques to the vocalists he works with.

Being exposed to today's technology, WiseCadence took to social networking strictly as an advantage to his music career, using it as a positive tool to get in contact with other artists from around the world, it's how he got to know Kimicoh Kimico in the US (New York). WiseCadence is also searching for talented Cape Town vocalists who are willing to push themselves, he believes that "the Mother City embraces a lot of talented vocalists who never get the chance to showcase their talents to the world".  WiseCadence is currently working on a new South African clothing brand called 'HumbleHuman', which aims at supporting and motivating music creators in Cape Town.

WiseCadence follows his own structure when making music, he calls it triple F: ‘Form Follows Function’. He says, "I'm very inspired by the old ways of creating music with a meaning, knowing where you're going before you even start touching a computer". He explains his process, "Firstly, I write lyrics in black and white. Secondly, I create a basic melody phrase from the chorus hook using a piano (GarageBand). Thirdly, I switch on my computer and start placing basic notes for my melody. Lastly, I mix to taste and those magical notes start to make my heart sing.” *smiling*


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