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Winning Jah (Artist name) Kingsley Eno,one of the most famous Celebrity known for his personality and technics in drums and recycled materials for musical instruments all over Africa and overseas, Winning Jah was born in Kano(Tuareg). After studying Drums,ballofones at the maison du cuture in Niger Republic, where he focussed on classical composers, he extended his musical research to include Jazz, Reggae and Afrobeat, collaborating with qualified artists and becoming known for his unique vocal and instrumental qualities. in the year 2008 he founded a Charity organnizzation “AMC1D PROJECTS INTERNATIONAL ONLUS” with over 10 branches in Africa and overseas with its headoffice in Italy. to sustain children and women in difficulties. in collaboration with UNICEF and UNITED NATIONS, Recently Winning Jah done with a new album titled "Nouveau Business" 2016, 2010 he releasesd two singles and one EP, which becamed a National anthem all over West and Northafrica, titled:Africa Revolution, this hit tracks brought his visibility to the Music Industry as an indie artist, in Africa Winning Jah isbeen rated and considered as one of the best Top 6 Reggae Artist with a social message, his lyrics are composed by him with a flavour of Fortune teller, daily struggles, educational themes and social antipolitics LYRICS.



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