Kyle (Wilz) Wills started his passions with dance. Breakdancing to be specific. At age 14 he formed a dance crew and competed in underground battles on Canada's east coast. Years later Wilz evolved into hip hop music production. He now plays piano, sings, makes his own beats, writes lyrics and masters his own work. He has done venues with big names such as Xzibit, Slaughter House, MadChild, Swollen Members, Classified and Wu Yang's Ghostface Killa. Kyle competed vocally in the local "Saint John Idol" and took home the $10,000 grand prize, along with also winning the local "So you Think You Can Dance" competition. He has recorded two full length albums, done two music videos with director Steve Doiron and played a lead role in "The Divorce", (a full length comedy). Wilz plans to complete a brand new project and eventually fund a tour using his vast social media following.


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