Werner Dreyer Bio.

Werner has been following the dance genre fanatically as far back as the 90’s…since the beginning in fact.
His particular interest turned to Trance music from the very first signs of the early sound and paved the forward for his passion in music.
A connoisseur in his taste in music and has proved to be not only musically talented by playing drums since the age of 5,
but defiantly a force to be reckoned with as a DJ. Werner has done live sets by playing keyboards and ultimately culminating to the studio,
skill developed driven by passion and ambition by adding more dynamics, build-up, progression and emotion to his tunes.
Next step moving to producing his own music.

Naturally his musical skills have made some interesting contributions and remixes to the genre he loves.
To him it’s not about the fame or fortune…but by playing what he loves and influencing people positively with it.
But the pure fact of just creating sounds with very Astral and dreamy effect, and then BOOOM!!!
Punch kicks and basslines, heavily Tech trance inspired with a touch of darker sounding tunes.

Werner has been DJ’ing for the past 15 years on and off in clubs, events, festivals and internationally. Producing for 6 years.
He hosts a pokey Trance podcast show TrancePortation, going strong for the past 7 years and has featured on various
radio shows with pounding guest mixes for the likes of Trancegressive sessions, the movement and local radio mixfm.
With still a fulltime career in Engineering! Wait What? Werner has still to release his artist album and other remixes his busy with,
fanning the flame with original artist productions and remixes for the likes of Cosmic Gate and Markus Schulz. Watch his space


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