We Are Blackout! Check out our Single "That Nigga" on soundcloud.com/weareblackout1


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Blackout consist of three guys, Jahari Barker (Biz)Born in Meriden, CT, Deshon Green (Prince) Born in Detroit, MI and Junious Battles (Stretch) Born in Youngstown, OH. 
All three always had the passion to make music but life put everything on a hold. Prince and Jahari met at Miller Grove High School through a mutual friend. They instantly formed a bond. After a few years, Prince went away for a short period of time. During that time, Biz met Stretch through his older brother Slim-K. Stretch and Biz branched off from Slim-k for various reasons and decided to work together. Stretch had the idea to create a promotion team called Blackout. Biz was familiar with the promotional industry. He was in a promo team called Heartless Entertainment for an artist called J-Real. Biz, Stretch, and Kedeja began scouting clubs to promote at. Biz suggested turning Blackout into a label. He wanted artists that have the same ethics and passion for music as they do. Together they gathered their closest friends that loved recording songs. Luckily, Prince returned while the idea was being formed. Biz stayed in contact with Prince while he was away. He kept Prince informed of the vision that him and Stretch were trying to create. With hard work and passion, the group Blackout was formed. After they established the group, they created their single “That Nigga”. The type of music Blackout creates is real. Everything they talk about is life situations they been thru or situations they've seen. From the turn up music to the mellow music, it all tells a story. Blackout is more than a music group. They are a family. So far they have only done a few shows, nothing major yet, but this is only the beginning for blackout.


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We Are Blackout! Check out our Single "That Nigga" on soundcloud.com/weareblackout1