Warp Academy is an online music academy for producers and performers using Ableton Live.


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Warp Academy is a new type of online music academy for producers and performers who have chosen to use Ableton Live. We are an exclusively Ableton-based academy, created and run by Ableton Certified Trainers. You learn using a combination of high-quality video tutorials, immersive online courses, downloadable templates, and live-streaming, interactive webinars. It works wonderfully with your favorite mobile devices, meaning you can learn anywhere, at any time, on-demand, and at your own pace.

We created Warp Academy because we believe that learning how to produce music should be easy, fun, and accessible to everyone. When most of us were learning, it was extremely difficult, slow and frustrating. Manuals were limited in their usefulness. They showed you what things did, but not how to use them to make music. Even today, where information is abundant, resources like Youtube require hours of sifting to find even a mere scrap of useful knowledge. Often, the knowledgeable, experienced producers are too busy, inaccessible, or unwilling to share their knowledge.

Warp Academy was designed to cut the learning curve on this complex software to show you how to use it to make music. After all, that’s what it’s about at the end of the day right? We believe that world-class trainers should be accessible directly to you to interact with and ask questions. The word Warp was chosen because “warping” to us means transcending conventional speeds to move faster than light, just like on Star Trek. Warping is also a core function of Live. Ultimately, we also feel that quality learning should be available to you for a price you can actually afford. We’re musicians, not venture capitalists, after all. We invite you to join us and take your learning into your own hands today.

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Warp Academy is an online music academy for producers and performers using Ableton Live.