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About this Song

When Diego Miranda and I were asked to make a remix and guest judge the contest for our friends Switchfoot and SKIO Music, we were honored!

The original song is has amazing vocals and really strong instrumentals that made remixing this song a lot of fun. Even though the time signature was tough to manage, we were very happy with the remix and of course, Diego and I were blown away by some of the remixes we heard from young producers all around the world!

We hope you guys had as much fun as we did! See you guys soon :)

Much love to Switchfoot, their label Vanguard Records, Red Light Management and of course our SKIO Family for this opportunity!

Posted 4 years ago
Owned by Vanguard Records


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ORU 4 years ago

I'm kinda confused... It sounds like hardly anything was changed and that this is basically just the original... I mean, there were a few little synth licks and small added percussive stuff, but is that really it??

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NHK 4 years ago


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