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I've had this project on my computer for a couple of months waiting to release it as soon as I've found a singer and a songwriter but it never happened. That's why I'm entering this contest. In hope to find a singer and a songwriter, not to win. If you feel that you have knowledge within that area, hit me up in the comments down below or send me an email to @linus.wanrop@gmail.com

This project is far away from finished. It's just a first layout of what it could sound like.

Posted 1 year ago
Owned by WANNRO


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ZIVIO 1 year ago

Great Track! I have left an like for sure....do not forget to check my track and leave your feedback there :) GUD LUCK! https://skiomusic.com/r/zLL

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Louis Bonheur 1 year ago

¬°Wow! : o Nice man This is amazing, I can leave you my song if you're interested you would listen to it thanks. https://skiomusic.com/r/IoY


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