Hide (henrikz remix)

Performed by
Desirée Dawson

Remixed by henrikz

F min
120 bpm
F min
120 bpm

Remix the Original

Desirée Dawson - Hide


Desirée Dawson

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About this Remix

So.. I like the vocals alot, and the ukelele just makes it better, But for my ears, i needed a bass, not just only the sub bass in the chorus, but in the hole song. So i made a easy one layer bass. And i wanted to have drums too, so i did that. The piano, i dont know, i was a bit out of ideas, so the piano just went crazy haha..

Posted 8 months ago
Owned by Vintage Currency

Stems (6)

Hide - Bass performed by henrikz on Bass
Hide - Drumbeat performed by henrikz on Drums
Hide - FX performed by henrikz
Hide - Piano performed by henrikz on Piano
Hide Ukelele performed by Konrad OldMoney on Guitar
Vocals Lead WET performed by Desiree Dawson on Vocals


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