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Yet another great release by the great man himself (Borgeous)! :)

This is my first ever remix released on here - Had a lot of fun with this one! Kept the same tempo (it really is 116bpm!). Really liked Jordyn's vocals on the original mix too. Went with a different route for the remix in terms of genre - tried to bring vocals more to the forefront and dampened them alongside edgy progressive house hooks/breakdowns. Mixed in some of the original vibe with the backing oohs/guitars etc towards the end of the mix in the outro too.

Hope you guys enjoy!


Posted 10 months ago
Owned by Borgeous


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A.R.K 10 months ago

Nice mix. Gave it a like❤️. Loved it. U can do even great. Keep it up. Also check mine remix. I've worked hard. Peace ✌️

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VERN0 10 months ago

Thanks man! <3 will defo need to check out your one too!

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