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Grew up in Monroe Twp, NJ my whole life. I've always had an obsession for creating. I was always very visual which is why I pursue film making as my main career, but after winning film festivals when i was seventeen, I decided to give my love for music a chance, For years I've watched tutorials on Fl Studio, even though i had never personally ran the program at the time. But one day I decided to purchase it after Christmas of 2013, and take all of those tutorials i had memorized and put it to work. My first couple months of producing my friends and i had made it on the radio with my fourth song i had composed called, "Spin It Again." I gave marketing my music a break though, not because I wanted to, but because i was attending school at the New York Film Academy, and it took up a great portion of my time. But now that i have the time, I'm ready to show people who VEO truly is as a musician.


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I'm just someone who loves to tells stories