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About this Song

Float is a song that was inspired by a conversation with a friend of mine named Jeremy Courtney. Jeremy lives in Iraq with his family. He told me that after a hard day of work, he will put his headphones on and listen to songs that bring hope. It’s just a song, but then again music can change the world, I know it’s changed mine. So let “Float” be a song of encouragement, to reach higher far above the patterns of this world!

Posted 2 years ago
Owned by Vanguard Records


Stems (7)

Float - BASS STEM performed by Switchfoot on Bass
Float - BGV STEM performed by Switchfoot on Vocals
Float - DRUM STEM performed by Switchfoot on Drums
Float - GUITAR STEM performed by Switchfoot on Guitar
Float - KEY STEM performed by Switchfoot on Synth
Float - LEAD VOCAL STEM performed by Switchfoot on Vocals
Float - PERC_PROG STEM performed by Switchfoot on Drums

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Anthony Chapman 2 years ago

I had a fabulous time remixing this track from one of my all time favorite groups. Thank you switchfoot!

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Bass Rabbitt 2 years ago

Hey I would love to give this track a go, but since the competition has ended I can't get at the stems - could you perhaps send them to me?? Love this tune SOOOO much :D

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Taydon 2 years ago

This was awesome.

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The Church of MoreThan12 2 years ago

It was fun remixing this track! Love the song.

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Dariobenfica 2 years ago

Hey Ruban, you can find it here - https://skiomusic.com/paulhernandez/switchfoot-float-paul-hernandez-remix

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Ruban 2 years ago

Where do I find the Pablo Hernandez remix version?

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whatevertyler 2 years ago

This comment was deleted.


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