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Upcoming gigs: ✈

24/03 - OHM Festival @ Brazil
09/04 - Secret Waves - 9 de Abril - Brazil
15/04 - Sexta Club A @ Sao Paulo
30/04 - Luxudelic @ Denmark
22/05 - Psychedelic Experience Festival @ Germany
08/07 - Orange Sun Open Air @ Menkendorf, Germany
Juli 2016 @ Mexico Tour @ Dates Soon.

Europe Bookings:
Rene Lauckner -
South America:
Thyrson Santos -

Vandeta Booking Worldwide: ✈

Vandeta is the new project by Shlomi Amir hailing from Eilat, Israel. At just eighteen years old, this promising up and coming artist is poised to overtake dance floors around the globe. Vandeta’s music takes influence from today’s leading psychedelic artists, presenting his own brand of groovy Progressive Psychedelic Trance with fine attention to detail and high quality next generation soundscapes. As Vandeta joins the ranks of one of today’s leading labels, Solar Tech Records, look forward to many releases from Vandeta in the near future!


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