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I have been working on this since I was 13 years old, modifying the essence of the first songs in the following years
what do I mean? basically because many of the first songs have been modified in 2013 or 2015 obviously maintaining
the essence of the song without changing it much, were years of hard work without stopping, losing love, friends,
moments that will not come back, but that does not I import, because I focus on what is my true passion ... musical production, it should be stressed that I never received help, if obvious more of the typical tips, fi fully self-taught during these years, and I still am, something that Note with the passage of days while they are listening to the tracks that are part of the album (my life) is that I do not have a characteristic sound that makes you say, hey look that is a VRage track, it will never happen, I I call that stagnation in creativity, it is to settle for what you have and for God I always ask myself when I see great artists saying "The most important thing is that you find a characteristic sound of yours" whattt !! ??? What kind of advice is that, the best advice I will give to all those who start walking this path next to me and next to VRage is, the characteristic sound is your soul, focus on discovering yourself, "Just Find Yourself is the only way, a song is a bit of the soul that that artist leaves in the life of each one of us, to have the ability to transform a sadness into a work of art, so the next time you listen to your favorite artist saying that characteristic sound understands that what they refer to is simply that you make a lead the only thing that identifies you, and that my dear reader does not take you anywhere other than the mediocrity of staying stuck in the same place always, so I think this small introduction to the world of VRage is necessary, My Lyfe is composed of 500 Tracks being the last one made in the year 2017 and modified at the beginning of the current year in 2018, making clear what means the music and VRage for me as I reiterate in this small and humble introduction ... I welcome all of you future Ragers to a path that if you decide to enjoy with me I assure you that you will not regret it ... Without more to say, I say goodbye with a thank you in advance for spending a few minutes of your time listening to my soul and my essence in this first EP that I decided to name VRage My Life ...
Atte: Ezequiel Rolón
PS: I almost forgot I am working at the same time on a secondary channel which will be called VRage Tv, a channel where I will be uploading tops, curiosities, analysis and information on various topics, about videogames, series, movies, technology, and obviously a musical section where I will publish the best tracks of the month in Spanish but I will put subtitles for fans who do not speak that language .. haha sorry for the extensive description but VRage and Ezequiel Rolón are a universe in every aspect other than what you know

Posted 3 years ago
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