Unkle Ricky (Feat. Mickey Shiloh) - Do You Still?

Performed by Unkle Ricky (Feat. Mickey Shiloh)

D♯/E♭ min
150 bpm
D♯/E♭ min
150 bpm

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4.9k 71 3 42

About this Track

This track took quite the journey, originally a trap banger instrumental with many additional instruments and samples. I had Mickey write a hook to it and after loving it, commissioned her to write two verses, a bridge and ad libs to layer in throughout. I found that a lot of the sounds were competing with Mickey's vocals and they had to go to make her more of a focal point in the song. Fortunately this makes the track very remix friendly :) I'm pumped to see some unique and creative interpretations of this one!

Posted 1 year ago
Owned by Unkle Ricky

6 Stems

Do You Still- Stems 808performed by Unkle Ricky
Do You Still- Stems Drumsperformed by Unkle Ricky
Do You Still- Stems FXperformed by Unkle Ricky
Do You Still- Stems Instrumentsperformed by Unkle Ricky
Do You Still- Stems Organ Bassperformed by Unkle Ricky
Do You Still- Stems Vocalsperformed by Unkle Ricky

Feedback (3)

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JACE MARTYN 3 months ago

Nice Track going to remix Incog Production Cool

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Skyler Strife 7 months ago

im going to remix :) contact me tho id love to colab

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Tyler 10 months ago

Really dope track, props man!


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