Aye Salutations! My fellow Artists, listeners, or even supporters.. Yes I am Parker A. Lewis (DjWhizPk): for those of you wondering who this DJ is & what is his big cause for being here on #Soundcloud. Well again for many of you who aren't aware of the hard work I am implementing to be a Great DJ, Music Producer, & Sound Engineer. I'm doing just that an aspiring *Pro-Music-Man Dj* Yearning & striving for my music movement career in DJing for #ELUP an the rest. Arsenal experience Includes the following - Such as Beat-Making & Sound Engineering, Next Level DJing, Turntablisim, Mixing, Music engineering & syncing, Etc. I've rhymed before and I can but that's not the sole prioritizing musical focus. To be the greatest DJ I can be is through my deep, deep, deep passion! that I have to contribute for the world an those around me also 1000%. And I'm positive y'all already know that though through at the MOST, some of the crafts :D (of course 1000%). I'm Also a Music Movement owner & Founder of: - *Empirical Leader Universe Productions*, (Also known as: E.L.U.P)#ELUP. The music movement is to ultimately grow the rest of the Music movements supporters with the move as well, (The Team). And I'm on the prow each an everyday for y'all to hear, share, listen, discuss, and or follow some of the best! Dreams works that I can Provide for you Passionately. Positively optimistically Keeping the dreams alive to bring the universal vibe to YOU.. Including in providing exposure and recognition for other fellow artists whom are of the movement who are seeking that support (Also part of ELUPs main objective vendetta). Now More over, providing Musical services for Any whom might wanna take a gander to some of my works and various music genres to my supporters and more! Cause for ALL who are *Empirical* may they be inspired musically. That's one of the major aspects E.L.U.P (The movement/Me) focuses on to bring to the people & the world! .... Thanks for listening Folks & Fam :D
( and so i hope that many of yall can enjoy a great musical experience while tuning in to your local MusicManDj; DjWhizPk ) - Empirical Leader Universe Prod - Home of the Universal music movement..
For all! Genres . . . Much Love Ya'll 100%


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