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In the summer of 1999, DJ UHF emerged from the sands of the Jersey Shore

In the summer of 1999, DJ UHF emerged from the sands of the Jersey Shore and has spent the last 16 years reinventing himself and the way we listen to music. He has graced the stage alongside acts like Sister Sledge and Joe Budden, and spun tunes for celebrities like Alec and Billy Baldwin. Be it a small house party gathering of close friends and family, a warehouse rave or Casino hall, DJ UHF has played them all from Cape May to Wildwood to Atlatic City to Tuscon, AZ, where he reigned at DV8 from 2004 to 2011, spinning his own blend of house, trance and EDM.

In 2011, DJ UHF returned to his NJ homeland to renew old acquaintances and forge new friendships, all through the power of music. He is bound and determined to bring EDM to a whole new level, adding his own twist to this ever-amorphous genre. DJ UHF brings you the sounds of his soul via today's top modern technology. And his heart.

DJ UHF also has deep experience on the other side of the board, producing music for other emerging artists, crafting his own unique remixes and creating genre-bending mash-ups. There is no side of the music with which he is unfamiliar.

DJ UHF: If you want to hear it, he wants to spin it.

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