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Bitter Orange was wrote at 85 bpm, in the key of C minor. With 44.1k, at 24 bit .

All of the tracks should start on the zero mark. Have been separated, and should be labeled as to what they are.

Bitter Orange is a playground of funky drums and floating melodic elements. It appeared on a release titled 'two. ..' with other original songs and remixes of 'Bitter Orange' which can be found all over the webs.

Hope you enjoy having as much fun with the parts as we did creating them.

Be a great day,

Posted 2 years ago
Owned by ±vMcÇ


Stems (22)

808 1 -default- on Drums
AltarHandBells performed by TvMcC on Synth
REAGS9 808 SIG performed by tvmcc on Drums
Sd(s) & Clp_bip_1 performed by tvmcc on Drums
TvMcC_BASS - BuzzWobbler on Bass
TvMcC_BASS - Neuro_005 on Bass
TvMcC_Bell_Time performed by Titus V. McCaleb(tvmcc) ±v​McÇ on Synth
TvMcC_IDM Hh's performed by ±v​McÇ
TvMcC_Kick on Drums
TvMcC_Metalic Wobbler! on Bass
TvMcC_Rectified Sync Sweep
TvMcC_Sub Impact on Synth
TvMcC_Tech Step 000 on Bass
TvMcCxXVF_ReSampled_&Glitched Breaks on Drums
XVF_mids on Bass
XVF_pad1 on Synth
XVF_pad1-24b on Synth
XVF_pad2-24b on Synth
XVF_pad3 on Synth
XVF_pad3-24b on Synth
XVF_sub on Bass


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