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Turn on Tune in Drop Bass.

Highlights & Accomplishments:

heavy metal shit Remix contest winner - Sleeveless Records/Skio (2015)
Woolymammoth & Tsuruda @ Redroom (opened) (2016)
Ineo Studios 2 year anniversary (2016)
Hyperdrive tour with perkulat0r (Calgary) (2016)
Traphouse Thursdays (2016)
Direct support for Graves (Fortune) (2016)
Chronic Electronic 2 in PG (2016)
PartyWave & Sudz @ MIA (closed) (2016)
played at Bloom Night Club in Nelson. (2016)
Opened for Capital J @Redroom (2016)
Went to Bass Coast (first time) (2016)
Awakening(Played/Artist Relations) (2016)
Shambhala (Artist Relations 5th year) (2016)
Valhalla Music Festival(Played) (2016)
Heavens to Binski 2 in calgary(So dope)#binski (2016)
-Played after Neon Steve (extra bonus) (2016)
Direct Support for Antiserum @Redroom (2016)
Livestock room during JoyRyde. (2016)
got my song Z-theory Featured on RebelCause Films (2016)
for shambhala Re-cap video (120k views)
top 10 beatport for 2 weeks with champion beats records (2016)
Capital Boom Records - Lurkin Feat Messinian (2017)
Sleeveless Records. - Painkiller remix EP (2017)
Live stock room @ Fortune During BleepBloop (2017)

Coming up:
April 21- Sleeveless Vancity Take Over @VAL (2017)
may 11 - backroom @MIA during UZ (2017)

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