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Turn on Tune in Drop Bass.

Tripzy Leary' music is a Cyberdelic experience. The music he makes is designed to make the crowd feel like they took a bunch of acid without taking any. The word that comes to my mind when i think of Tripzy Leary' music is "trippy" or "Tripzy" it's nothing you ever heard before because Tripzy takes great care in making sure it sounds different from everyone else. it's a special experience unique in its own way. Tripzy leary is taking on what timothy leary left behind. To remind our kids where and why and how our generation was formed from the 1960's through the use of cybernetics and computers and psychedelics. The electronic music we listen today is a result of this psychedelic experience as timothy leary traveled around america to all these music festivals and universities or TV shows or gatherings in parks. Speaking out to the younger masses encouraging them to think for themselves, question authority. Open mind open Heart. Expand their consciousness through art and music.  When people come to see Tripzy Leary live they get an urge to tune in, gather around. When the music is live they start to turn on and become one with the cyberdelic experience. By the time the trip has ended (Set) they will have gone through the last process which would be called Dropping out. Taking with them the inspiration they need to motivate themselves to become greater with their minds, hearts and souls. To be better with their art and music. they come to see Tripzy Leary to Turn on, Tune in, and Drop Out.

Showcase tracks

When i was at Shambhala Music Festival, i was walking up to EPROM's set at the Amphitheatre stage and i was blown away by how the vocals were sounding. about half way through someone takes him down to the ground behind the booth and was super high on drugs and tried to bit his head and the whole production team came out to pull him off, security shows up and after they took him away eprom kept smashing the set and sounded so good. came home and found the original and it was very simple sounding

I met SuDs back in the sping when him and Party Wave came to play in vancouver at MIA i ended up closing their show and we ended up going back to the hotel and showing tracks and talking production. i ended up receiving the stems from SuDs for his track Come Around. collie buddz is the original vocals but ran through a vocoder and i had a similar synth i made in serum that sounded like the vocals. so i came up with this!

One of my favorite New Age songs. very catchy and viral. took me awhile to think about it but eventually i got it right and made the remix. this one is between me and my fans they really dig it so playing it out live will be hype!