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Hi, my name is Mark Dunsing and this is what I have to offer the EDM music community. I love hearing from fans! :)
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So happy to collaborate with Borgy on this one! This was a very fun track to make. This one took me about a week to complete and with final exams looming over my head this was a major stress reliever. I hope you enjoy this song. Thanks for listening! Check it out on Youtube! Be sure to follow me on Facebook and Twitter! Link provided below:

This song is an original that I have spent almost a year making. Really happy to present to you 'The Moment.' This one goes very hard and has some Mr. Bill and Xilent style glitches in it. Used a free Splice Vocal Loop to give the song more depth. Download for free on The Artist Union:

Wah Gwon Jamaiiica!!!

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