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TRE remix of January May - The Road

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(Verse 1)
I take my time, before I step onto the road
what is the rush if I don't know where to go
I take one step back now
they don't see what I seek out.

I follow suit, don't fold I'm happier alone
being pursued I know i’ll never get the gold
but i am long gone long gone
and you are stuck in a 90's song.

There's a fire in my bones
[ can you see it can you breathe it / you can’t see it you won't breathe it ]
And its burning down my soul
[ Who's to say any different ]
There's a fire in my bones
[ and i'm gonna keep it hidden ]
And its burning down my soul.

Ya ah!

(Verse 2)
I'm home I lay my head to rest
tip toe around where I, I feel like guest
because I am living in a broken house
and my mind has moved out.

What you don't get is who I've been all along
Don't understand what you keep doing wrong
I hope you burn down, burn down
and know that I am stronger now


Alot of questions ignored
It's a long time to keep score
It's the thought that counts right
If that will help you sleep at night (2x)


Posted 3 years ago
Owned by TRE


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Subtonix 3 years ago

Love the chill vibes, TRE!

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TRE 3 years ago

Thanks Dan! Your words means a lot!

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