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New final version here. Back in the day when I had my trusty Atari armed with CREATOR, a Matrix 1000, sequential circuits pro one (Why did I sell it!!!!), to name but a few, things where simple by todays standards. By that I mean there's almost to may roads to creating within any given DAW, here it's Logic (Creators big brother). I hope this remix does the original justice. Interesting, a recent post by a well none mastering software company gave a list of reference tracks and albums. One of the noted albums was 'Violator' by Depeche Mode, released in 1990...it blew my socks off...DM have influenced me (among many others) and maybe the path of electronica since 1981. and has gone some way to shape my approach in this and every mix I do.

Note, I don't miss all the wires n plug boards though ;)

Thanks to Skio, Felix Cartal, Sophie Simmons and all for this opportunity to remix 'Mine'
...enjoy :)

Posted 4 months ago
Owned by Felix Cartal


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EASY 3 months ago

Take a listen on our take and give us some feedback https://skiomusic.com/ischis/felix-cartal-mine-easy-remix


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