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Ok here's a thing! Was not expecting this remix to turn out like this. In this test mix (I've much to do yet) I'm going all out in orchestrating it. It's something I kinda did in the last remix for Skio's contest a lil. It's also a sound that has eluded me for many years...until now. Inspired by tracks like 'Unfinished sympathy' by Massive Attack, these vocals are slowed down a little, I've added harmonies, chops and vocoders. This is only a quick mix n master, I think the arrangement needs work. But these vocals are perfect, the original is so good, thankyou kindly Skio, Ezra Jordan, Willa and all. I hope you enjoy this taste of (hopefully) my final mix to follow.

Any feedback welcome, good or otherwise.

Stay safe :)

Posted 2 months ago
Owned by Ezra Jordan


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jan$free 2 months ago

Cool remix...It's so relaxing! I gave u my like. If you want please do check out my track and leave some feedback!!! https://skiomusic.com/therealjanfree/ezra-jordan-in-case-feat-willa-janfree-remix

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Velo James 2 months ago

Transit, dope remix. Not many connect here on a personal level. For indepth feedback about the mix, arrangement or creativity just send me a message. I focus on connections besides the contest too. That said I gave u my like, would love to see some love back on mine: https://skiomusic.com/iamvelojames/ezra-jordan-in-case-feat-willa-velo-james-remix

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Transit2 2 months ago

will do and thank you so much VJ :)

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